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TopResume did have a gorgeous website but sure didn't have very impressive resume writing skills! Look at the resume they created below and then look at the version that came in first place. Who would YOU think stands out more?


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Although the independent judges ranked TopResume's resume in 5th place, we think they did a better job than Paragon in 4th place. They still have the not-so-necessary "Area of Expertise" section but their bullet points under it are more on-target and their resume came through free of any glaring typos or misspellings. Of course, just being a "better than an awful" resume isn't really enough...Top Resume's output is still blandly formatted and dryly worded, given the client's career path. All in all, it's definitely one of the most plain and uninspiring in the group. Hiring a professional resume service should be done with the expectation that your new resume will "shine" and "standout" but such was not the case here.


There are times when consolidating a resume into just 1 page is a strategic move but this does not appear to be one of those times. The much better resume written by ResumeWritingGroup.Com makes excellent use of two pages whereas this inferior resume prepared by TopResume.Com feels more like the writer just decided to cut out key ideas about the client's professional background. Simply put, there's so much more they could've fleshed out.


 Like so many of the others, TopResume.Com didn't take the time to ask the client any key questions that might've helped them to write a better resume. (The company who DID ask some solid, fact-finding questions...albeit by email...was ResumeWritingGroup.Com). The result is that TopResume produced the most basic, bland and, again, uninspired resume we could've imagined...


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