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We're glad they ditched the "skill areas" style bullets early on but adding gray highlight to the client's name does not make a resume standout aesthetically! This is another collection of sentences plainly written with some gray shading.


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ResumeWritingServices.Net has an "okay" website and, in our opinion, a so-so response time & quality but the resume they so many of the others...simply does NOT standout in any good way.  


In some ways, their wording was better than a few of the other resume writing companies but the independent judges' scoring still put ResumeWritingServices.Net in last place. This is probably because although the writing quality may seem reasonable at's really just a lot of "fluff" without much meat & bones to it. Moreover, there doesn't appear to be a whole lot of strategy put into marketing the client and the end result really sells them short. Some of the other companies...especially ResumeWritingGroup.Com took the foundation of this client's background and really did more to make them "shine" and appear to be a standout candidate.

We do like that this resume writer at least recognized that "non-profit liaision" was the goal here and stated it boldly at the top but we still maintain that they really should've done more in terms of wording AND aesthetics to make the client's resume "pop" more...a lot more!




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