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There's absolutely nothing remarkable about the resume produced by ResumeCenter.Com. The format is aesthetically anorexic and the wording is sandpaper dry. The work they did seems more like a resume written by a layman in seek of help from a professional resume writer...rather than something actually created by an established resume service.


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It's almost shocking how the owners of such a sleek, modern website can write a resume that is so drab, dreary, and even arguably outdated! This was one of the more difficult companies with which to correspond. Their responses were often curt and, in our opinion, did not always completely answer our questions.


We're appalled that this resume writer kept "data entry" as a "core competency!" It's hard to believe they not only made it a point to list Microsoft Office as a "Key Skill" but that they followed with "..including Word"-- This should NOT be necessary in this day & age. The way Resume Writing Group included it near the bottom of their version was still arguably unnecessary but at least it was put last as an "additional skill..."


It should be the job of a professional resume writer to develop a strategy to make their client's resume standout. A superior resume writer carefully decides what to include and what to leave out. We find it difficult to conceive that much thought or planning went into ResumeCenter's "strategy" before, during, or after drafting this version of the client's resume.


Of course, ResumeCenter might do a better job for someone else buying a resume for a different profession. However, there's no way (that we know of) ....that a buyer can be certain they, too, won't end up with a resume like this one. Thus, it is our opinion that you should consider other alternatives.



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