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Although their format & presentation didn't make the client's resume a standout in the way that ResumeWritingGroup's did, Resume Writing Guild still did a reasonably impressive job of strategically organizing the client's strong points and presenting them in a manner that reads well and that is likely to impress employers. They had good email communication but did a so-so resume. Very impersonal.



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Resume2Hire's website was nice enough... Their online customer service was prompt and even somewhat personable but their output paled in comparison. As anyone can *plainly* see (pun intended!), the resume they created has the most drab format & aesthetics imaginable. While that may work for certain industries, we feel that Resume2Hire's team should've realized just how inappropriate blandness is for this particular client's profession.

Often, looks aren't "everything" but in the case of this one resume, Resume2Hire's writing skills certainly don't stand out much more than their resume format! Their words..."Uphold dialogue with mainstream and social media channels ..." are about as dry and awkward as resume writing can get! Why hire a professional when most people can just write that themselves (or better)?! The resume written by Resume Writing Group ( was clearly far superior than this one.

Finally, the organization of data in this resume is only fair at best..-- The introductory overview is wordy and the oddly-placed bullet point directly beneath it...just stands out as "sloppy."  To include "MS Office" as an "Area of Expertise" in this day & age is completely unnecessary and can inadvertently draw unintended negative attention to the client's résumé. Their work experience is decently laid out in this resume but the "bones" don't really contain much "meat" to make the client's experience shine.


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