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Although their format & presentation didn't make the client's resume a standout in the way that ResumeWritingGroup's did, Resume Writing Guild still did a reasonably impressive job of strategically organizing the client's strong points and presenting them in a manner that reads well and that is likely to impress employers. They definitely did a very good job all around. The resume is well-written. It's attractive & simple.


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Resume Writing Guild's website was attractive and professional but their format wasn't nearly as striking. The resume of an applicant in this client's field really needs a look that stands out (without being too overwhelming). The main gripe about Resume Writing Guild's output is that it looks underwhelming---especially when compared with the superior format created by Resume Writing Group.


Resume Writing at its about being able to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary and Resume Writing Guild did a decent job of re-writing the client's most basic accomplishments in ways that read far more impressively than they did in the original resume submitted.

This doesn't seem like the type of resume that can really benefit from a 'Core Competencies' section. The resume writer should've known that in this case, listing those in such a dry fashion actually potentially draws negative attention to the job applicant. A strategic resume writer should always weigh every section and every line to see if it passes the "will this potentially hurt the applicant?" test. Anything that could detract should always be completely avoided. In this case, all other strategic resume writing decisions appear to be solid---but the client should definitely remove the 'core competencies' section and just discuss those things once called in for interviews and/or sprinkle them throughout the bullet points of their work experience section.

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