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Pictures say 1,000 words but we can't imagine most employers wanting to read the words off of any image of this version of the client's resume. The resume had typos, misspellings, and was overly simplistic. Compare the resume below (creared by Paragon Resumes) with the resume created by, and we're confident the winner will be clear!  


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We can only hope that Paragon doesn't always write resumes this poorly! Unfortunately, judging by their website, we fear this one may be indicative of their usual work!

This resume came from Paragon complete with typos and misspellings. Sure, "we're all humans" and "anyone can make a mistake" but the entire resume reads like someone rushed to throw together the most basic document possible...and then didn't even bother to proofread it!

The 'Key Skills' section is horrendous and does nothing to make the client look more qualified. This kind of stuff can easily be discussed at the interview but making diamond bullet points for "Internet Research" or "Sales" is completely unnecessary and does nothing to make the reader say to themselves "Oh yes,THIS is who I must call in for an interview!"

 Following that line of thought, we're SHOCKED that they would put the words "Proficient in Microsoft Word" on a modern Customer Service/Project Management Resume (which shouldn't even really be the focus of this client's resume--Paragon would've known that if, like ResumeWritingGroup.Com, they had taken their time to discuss the client's goals with them!)....!  That aside, there are so many small things to nitpick in this awful resume -- even the outdated inclusion of "References Available..."--which should not appear in a resume of this style for this profession in this day and age (then again, they really misinterpreted the client's career goals here and didn't bother to ask)...


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